Tuesday May 14, 2013

Creative Built ins for difficult spaces

I just love when you see creative uses for a difficult or seemed to be wasted space in a home. Nothing adds more character and personality to a home than a great feature or built-in. I love this one it is a really fun way to use the space under stairs and allows this homeowner to have a place to store their everyday items without making a mess!


Another great area for a built-in is near your master bath tub. This built-in below is a very attractive and again useful space for any homeowner. I like built-ins to add to your home but I also like them to be functional this feature gives you both….

Another detail I really love is the built-in where they took a very unusable space and turned it into a focal point that anyone would want to take a nap in. I also really like the use of the sconces to add a warming and inviting feeling. This is a great feature for some of our Geordan plans that have that great bonus room upstairs.

So my challenge today is as you plan your new home or make modifications to your current home that you look for that special place that you can add a memory point and a unqiue feature to make your home stand out from the rest!

Good luck and have fun dreaming!

Kelly Edenfield

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